Finding Freedom through Friendship

Assisting Single Mothers and Widows

in Developing Countries With Their Critical Needs

Irma is a 29 year old widow with two young boys;

Jorge, age 9 and Josue', age 4.

This family was referred to us by a Guatemalan dermatologist who was treating Jorge for a chronic autoimmune skin condition. With a monthly income of $40, Irma was not able to afford the prescribed medication and the boys were suffering from malnutrition. Fortunately, Irma's father allows the family to live in a spare room of his house, which includes electricity and running water.

Since being added to our program in March, Irma has had powdered milk, eggs, black beans and rice, as well as corn supplements donated monthly. FFF donates skin care products, bandages, scholastic sponsorship and the family recently went to the dentist for the first time. Finding Freedom through Friendship will be working with Irma to start a micro business this fall, once the overall health of the family is improved.

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