Finding Freedom through Friendship

Assisting Single Mothers and Widows

in Developing Countries With Their Critical Needs

Miceala,mother of five, became a widow five years ago when her husband died of untreated diabetes. Miceala has struggled to feed her family since her husband's death, and much of the burden has fallen to her oldest son, who is malnourished from lack of available food. Recently, the family struggled with the emotional trauma of the rape of the only daughter, who is 15. The majority of rapes in rural Guatemala go unpunished, and the the daughter withdrew from school. Miceala recently received a micro grant from FFF for the purchase of chickens and a chicken house. The income produced from this enterprise will allow Miceala to purchase more food than the one meal a day provided by FFF. Miceala's most urgent need is scholastic funding for her five children. Her oldest son, who now works in the fields to earn an income for his mother, deeply desires to go to radio school. Sending the four boys to school is estimated to cost $80 per month. We have found this widow to be resourceful, competent and maternal, and our expectation is that she can become self sufficient with assistance.  

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