Finding Freedom through Friendship

Assisting Single Mothers and Widows

in Developing Countries With Their Critical Needs

Rosa is a widow who lives in remote northern Guatemala, far from medical resources. She was born with normal vision, and became blind for unexplained reasons when she was fifteen.

Five years ago her husband died, leaving her with no way to earn an income. Her tiny stature is a reminder of how little adequate nutrition the family has gotten since her husband passed away. The only wage earner in the family is Rosa's fourteen year old son, who harvests firewood to earn $3 per day.

Rosa made the extraordinarily difficult decision to send two of her children away in order to keep them fed. Her daughter lived with the grandmother. Her seven year old son was given to another family.

Finding Freedom through Friendship is now feeding this family, with the help of Adopt-A-Village Guatemala who facilitates the delivery of our donated food. We hope that the monthly donations of maize, beans, vegetables and eggs will provide the ability for Rosa to reunite her family.

Rosa and her children now have new home, donated by Finding Freedom through Friendship.Her former structure was open to the weather, and the dirt floors were often wet in the rainy season.  The family now has concrete floors and an intact roof, beds and a table with chairs, new pots and the children are in school. Rosa's children have been returned home.

Her current needs include food donations monthly (cost is $80/mo) and scholarship funding for her two eldest children ($500 each).

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